Mizuno Wave Sky 5 Review

We had the opportunity to take out the Mizuno Sky Wave for a test ride so we can give you our honest opinion on the shoe.

A lot of companies are going to simply talk about the shoes, but we decided we couldn’t give you a full run down, without testing it first.

Watch the review: 

Mizuno Enerzy Core

The Mizuno Enerzy Core is a midsole material that has been designed to provide as much energy return as possible while keeping the cushioned feel of the shoe. 

The Mizuno Wave Sky 5 has a sheet of this material running through its core, which doesn’t add to the weight of the shoe and gives an increased energy return of 52%.

We were pleasantly surprised to feel this really working while running in the shoe. A lot of brands claim to increase the energy return, but you can actually feel it working every time your foot makes contact with the ground.

While you might think this would take away from the cushion, we found that the shoe remained very cushioned and comfortable 

Mizuno Enerzy Foam

Can you increase the stack high with a reduced weight? We were sceptical. 

Mizuno increased the stack height by 5mm in the forefoot and 3mm in the heel and managed to reduce the overall weight of the shoe, leaving a light, cushioned ride. 

We also felt that this increased foam offered more protection underfoot and prevented us from feeling stones and uneven surfaces through the sole. 

Stretch Weave Upper

Mizuno has introduced a stretch weave upper to the Wave sky 5. This design allows for a snug, supportive fit, without restricting your foot. The stretch upper really does work with your foot and does not restrict it. 

We found the upper to be incredibly comfy and could see this being a great benefit during longer runs. 

To prevent overheating, they included strategically placed, laser-cut holes in the upper.

Mizuno WAVE 

This is the foam Mizuno Foam uses to bring stability to the shoe, without compromising on the overall cushioning and smooth ride the shoe offers. 

Who is this shoe for?

This shoe is a workhorse. Perfect for anyone looking for a cushioned, stable ride that allows them to get the miles in day after day. 

You won’t be running super fast, and you probably want to look for something else when you need to hit a session or race. However, if you want to run volume, day after day, or get out of that easy long run, you’re going to be reaching for this shoe time after time.


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