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Gait Analysis

Core of what we do

Running shoes are the most important piece of equipment for any type or level of runner. Gait analysis provides runners with essential information about their running style; the major focus of this is to measure the degree of pronation. Pronation is the inward roll as the outside part of the heel strikes the ground. This acts as a shock absorber for the leg and the body, which helps to distribute the force of impact. There are different degrees of pronation;

Underpronation (Supination) – is where the feet don’t roll inward enough. 

Overpronation – when the feet roll inward too much.

What is video gait analysis?

It involves running barefoot on the treadmill for a couple of minutes while a video is recorded using a gait analysis program. This allows a trained staff member to slow down the video, analyse it in detail, and ultimately explain the findings.

Depending on the severity of pronation, different shoe options will be brought out for your foot type. Runners can then try on a selection of shoes looking at different cushioning, structured cushioning, or maximum support options according to the results.

Unhinged Productions

International Projects

Because running is in our DNA.

We explore some of the world's finest running routes, while telling compelling stories and harnessing the true passion of the sport. Inspired by the international running community.

During our latest instalment we tour Southeast Asia, from the rolling hills of Chiang Mai, Thailand to the restless streets of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 

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