Shoe Review: Adidas Solar Control 2.0

The Adidas Solar Control is a daily stability trainer featuring the well loved Adidas Boost technology, paired with a zoned engineered mesh upper that has been refined to provide a lightweight yet supportive feeling. Adidas began experimenting with their Boost midsole technology back in 2013, with the responsive yet smooth feeling run experience landing as an instant success. Additionally, Adidas began advancing their use of LEP 2.0 (Linear Energy Push) as a means to help propel the runner through their stride and propel from toe-off.

The shoe weighs in at 323g (UK size 8.5) for men, and 272g (UK size 6.5) for women. The shoe generally fits a little on the bigger side, with a wider and ever so slightly longer fit.


Adidas Boost needs very little explanation. Lightweight, durable and as comfy as can be for maximum impact protection. The Boost midsole has swiftly become a staple part to the daily range provided by Adidas, and for good reason. The technology is composed of hundreds of fused Boost capsules, forming a dense midsole compound that combines a soft landing pad whilst providing a pleasing energy.The foam feels plenty responsive, without feeling unnecessarily plush. For runners who are seeking slightly more ground feel, the Solar Control 2.0 is a well worthy option. The midsole is composed of a 29.5mm of stack height and features a 10mm offset from heel to toe. This being said, the trainer appeals to the runner looking for a slightly higher total drop, releasing much of the pressure put onto the ankle and achilles tendons. 

Adidas began to experiment with LEP technology as a means to provide the runner with a greater energy return when completing each individual stride. The system has been tested and upgraded to find the optimal level of propulsion, with the LEP 2.0 assisting with a 15% increase to the standard boost return. Considering this, the shoe feels as though it has a little extra kick with each stride. When running in the Solar Control 2.0, the combination of decent groundfeel and this extra propulsion technology, assist in making the shoe feel like a slightly faster daily trainer. It will not feel quite as responsive as an ‘out-and-out speed shoe’, but as far as a mileage shoe goes, it works a charm. It makes those daily training miles feel that little bit more exciting. The plate also assists in serving as an anti-rotation feature, providing a greater overall stability for those who overpronate. 


WIth the assistance provided by Continental Industry, the Solar Control 2.0 provides a grip that struggles to be beaten by most other road running options. The Continental Rubber outsole seeks to ensure runners gain maximum traction throughout all conditions. Rain or shine, the Solar Control 2.0 provided me with enough confidence to run at my best. When road conditions would otherwise feel treacherous, the Solar Control 2.0 provided me with enough traction to push on and run at a pace that would otherwise feel out of control in less grippy shoes. Continental Rubber has been used on shoes for over 150 years, and began their partnership with Adidas in 2007. Similarly to cars, runners require maximum traction to tackle varying surfaces with varying loads. The tread is designed to withstand the conditions, helping the runner tackle heavy rain and temperatures varying from -20 degrees up to 40 degree heat. It is safe to say that the outsole acts as a powerhouse component to ensure the runner can run strong and remain unfazed by the external conditions. 

Runners will observe a slightly denser amount of rubber on the medial side of the shoe. This is due to Adidas aiming to provide a high-level of stability, without feeling uncomfortable and stiff. 


Adidas has composed the Solar Control upper to fit a lightweight, breathable yet long-lasting and capable profile. Using a reinforced zoned engineered mesh, the upper feels strong enough to withstand the upper limits of mileage, yet breathable enough to feel pleasant throughout its lifespan. The upper feels particularly strong in comparison to competitive models in the category. This reinforced upper assists the shoes stability features, feeling pleasantly stable without being intrusive. Additionally, the upper materials are produced using 50% recycled materials in a bid to produce a range of shoes that both benefit the runner, and the environment. The running industry push towards a greener operating procedure is welcomed by all, and adidas recognise this. 

The shoe features a truly robust ankle collar, with a solid heel cup towards the back of the  shoe. This helps to lock in the foot for a solid and locked in fit, further increasing the comfort and stability for the runner. This design feature plays a major part in keeping the foot neutral and stable. In front of this, a thick gusseted tongue helps to keep the foot locked into the shoe and boost the overall confidence of the runner. 

The Adidas Solar Control 2.0 is a shoe capable of slotting nicely into a functioning running shoe rotation. The shoe feels perfectly stable, yet provides enough cushion and comfort to be a workhorse in tackling the demands of long distance training. Whilst the shoe weighs in a little over similar shoes, it certainly feels more robust and durable. The shoe works as a fantastic Winter training shoe, with enough traction to inspire confidence. With all of these incredible features combining to produce an effective daily mileage shoe, and a production method focussing on good environmental practices, the Solar Control 2.0 is a shoe well worthy of runners attention.