Shoe Review: Altra Lone Peak 7

The Altra Lone Peak 7 is a unique and fascinating trail running shoe. This Utah born and raised footwear company has developed into a globally well loved manufacturer, known best for their work with zero drop options providing enough cushion and comfort for runners to thrive. The Altra family of footwear have become cult favorites of many runners and hikers alike. The Lone Peak series sits within their trail running category. It’s packed with technical features that ensure it provides a high level of performance for runners specializing in the shorter distance through to ultra endurance running. 

How does it fit?

Altra shoes filter into three different ‘foot shape’  categories (original, standard and slim). The Lone Peak filters into the ‘original’ footshape, meaning that it provides a wider fit as a means to allow the foot to naturally react to the weight distribution throughout the stride. Altra pride themselves on providing footwear designed to allow the human foot to respond in a natural way. This is assisted by the wider toe box found at the front of the shoe. Those who are seeking a wide fitting option are accounted for with the Lone Peak 7. 


The upper is curated using a Quick-Dry air mesh, ensuring that whenever the runner is exposed to the elements, they will be protected. The upper is curated using a stitch less yet capable material ensuring the shoe feels durable yet breathable and lightweight. The upper has been reinforced using slightly thicker materials as a means to prevent debris (stones, sand, mud etc) from causing discomfort to the foot. Considering this, the shoe feels a little more bulky, but with this comes a reliability when tackling testing trails. 


The Lone Peak 7 provides a key balance between responsiveness and high comfort desired by trail runners. The Altra EGO midsole feels soft and comfortable over hard pack trail and rocky terrain, all whilst providing enough stability and control over the terrain below. Whilst running in the Lone Peak 7, it was rare to feel out of control whilst ascending and descending down off-road segments. With the shoe featuring 0mm offset, the shoe is a unique option to try. Runners are encouraged to be more cognisant of their foot strike when out on the trails. The midsole cushion makes the Lone Peak a friendly first adventure into the world of zero drop running, assisting the runner with enough cushion to ensure that they remain comfortable. This being said, runners will be encouraged to incorporate muscles that may otherwise receive less use, therefore the Lone Peak may need a little more adjustment time for those taking their first step into this style of running footwear.


Altras Lone Peak 7 receives an update to the already ever-capable MaxTrac outsole. The MaxTrac rubber is well recognised for its high levels of traction when running over different surfaces. Wet grass, rocky pathways, off-camber segments- if you name it, the Lone Peak will handle it. MaxTrac is designed to feel sticky and to inspire confidence when storming through varying terrain. The shoe feels capable over technical segments, yet friendly to cruise over fields and flatter pathways. Altra’s Lone Peak series is well-known for its durability, with the rubber being capable of withstanding some serious miles put in over its lifespan. 

The Altra Lone Peak 7 is a one of a kind shoe. With its pleasant cushioning and its powerhouse traction, the shoe provides a truly breathtaking experience for the runner. A natural feeling yet functional shoe has become harder to find, but Altras main goal is to keep functionality at the forefront whilst remaining true to the natural footwear beliefs of zero drop runners. The shoe is a unique yet reliable trail option that is versatile enough to provide every runner with a good time when out in the best nature has to offer.