The Ultimate Sacrifice

Keep on attacking, keep on attacking. 

These are the words Brian Wood mutters to himself as his muscles seize up and his body begins to fail him.

But Brian can’t quit. 

He’s come too far. His why is too strong. 

An ex-Army sergeant, Brian has been here before. Up against insurmountable odds, where quitting isn’t an option. This time is no different.

The only difference is that he has traded in his army issue boots for a pair of running shoes. 

Brain is setting out to run 1 mile for every British soldier that has fallen during the Iraq and Afghanistan conflict, totalling 635 miles or 25 marathons over 25 days. 

He is currently on day 19 and has covered a staggering 494 miles.

Not only is Brian doing this to honour the lives of those lost, but he is also raising money for Walking With The Wounded, a charity that helps wounded soldiers reintegrate into civilian life. 

Brian set out with a goal of raising £20,000, a target that has been completely smashed due to the belief others have in his cause. As I write this article, the total donations currently stands at a total of £57,366.

Brian has 6 days left and another 141 lives to remember. 

With your help, lives can be saved. Reintegrating back into civilian life can be challenging. Physical and emotional scars can sometimes be overwhelming and without the right support, people can be pushed to the edge. A small donation can make all the difference. 

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