If you are wondering where to get video gait analysis, Run Company has you covered. I’ll chat a bit about why you might want to have your foot gait assessed, how it works and how we work for you to get the right shoe, be it for running or walking.

If you don’t know anything about Gait Analysis, it is free service offered by Run Company when you go on to buy a pair of shoes. Our aim is to get the right shoe for you so that you become a happy, valued customer. The analysis involves listening to you to understand your shoe needs, from beginner to expert, checking various aspects of your feet, including a slow motion video barefoot and then recommendations of shoes that will work for you, with follow-on videos in the shoes to ensure they performing as expected.

Sometimes customers come to us after buying an off-the-shelf shoe without advice, because they are getting various aches and pains. After a gait analysis, some of those customers can be seen to need a slightly more or less supportive shoe that can help them get going with their running, and build up the strength in feet and legs.

They might come back 9 months later and move into a more neutral shoe having build up that strength and control.

Now that you can see why this is useful, here’s how we will look after you. Firstly we will talk with you to understand what you will be using the shoes for, be it walking or running, on or off-road, and how many miles a week you are doing or intend to do - we love helping people get started with new exercise goals, getting you in the right shoe from the beginning.

You will then walk or run briefly on the treadmill so we can video your legs for a few seconds. Initially this is barefoot so we can see how legs and feet work unshod. Based on this slow motion footage, we will bring you a suitable shoe in a few different sizes so we can be sure what size you are.

We’ll repeat the slow-motion video capture whilst wearing the shoes - if this is your first pair of running shoes, you might want to ask to buy a new pair of technical socks to wear at this point. If you already have lots of technical socks at home, we can provide you with a try-on pair.

Once we’ve checked that the shoe is working as expected, we’ll normally provide you with alternative suitable options so that you can figure out which one you find the most comfortable, again running in them on the treadmill.

We can also offer you advice on replacement insoles, be it just for comfort or for various levels of support under the arch, insoles for flat feet, or even custom-molded insoles to match the shape of your foot.

If you have any questions or would like to get your gait analysed and buy a pair of shoes, please pop into one of our stores - we will be happy to help.

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